Arrange And Process Basic Channel Tracks / Scion (2002)
Arrange And Process Basic Channel Tracks
Scion (2002)
1. Part 01 W/ Material From Cyrus: Inversion, The Climax (Basic Reshape), Mutism, Radiance III
2. Part 02 W/ Material From Cyrus: Presence, Q1.2, E2E4 Basic Reshape, Radiance I, Quadrant: Infinition
3. Part 03 W/ Material From Quadrant: Infinition, Rhythm & Sound: (Music A Fe Rule) part 2, Octaedre, O
4. Part 04 W/ Material From Octagon, Phylyps Trak II/I, Q1.1/IIII
5. Part 05 W/ Material From Phylyps II/I, Q Loop
6. Part 06 W/ Material From Phylyps Trak, Phylyps Rmx, Cyrus: Enforcement
7. Part 07 W/ Material From Cyrus: Enforcement, Phylyps Trak II/II
8. Part 08 W/ Material From Phylyps Trak II/II, The Climax (Basic Reshape)
9. Part 09 W/ Material From The Climax (Basic Reshape), Octagon, Cyrus: Recall
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